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Indeed, our priority is to provide better residential roofing services above all others.  We are conducting ourselves with Honesty and Integrity. Because we care about you, our customers, and we value your business. We like to keep you informed of every step from start to finish for every job or project.  Our compromise is that we take care of your property like our own; we don’t cut corners because we are professionals and honest at all times.  We love what we do, and we want to give you the best of us. That’s why we constantly are present in the Jobsite when building a project and always use the best quality materials. We are A residential roofing Company founded in 2011. Family-Owned and Operated Serving the Chicago area and suburbs, we are a Storm Damage Specialist Hail & Wind. We got you covered. Get your free inspection!

    Residential roofing- Hail storm

    Hail Damage

    Hail damage is not visible to the naked eye; you need an expert to identify this damage at Quality home Restorations. Residential roofing contractor We are specialists in hail damage with more than ten years of experience. You can count on us for your roof replacement. We deal with all insurance types; if a claim is needed, we know dealing with insurance can be a hassle; leave that mess for us; we got your back!

    Wind Damage

    The strong winds in Chicago are out of the ordinary; they can cause terrible damage, especially in the roof of your property; it can tear off the top like tearing a sheet of paper from a notebook. The force of the wind is unstoppable if this kind of disaster has damaged your property, call us we have emergency services we can temporarily cover the damages until your insurance prepares the inspection, we can also help you with your insurance claim and speed up the process we are experts in insurance claims.

    Water Damage

    Broken Pipes are common in Chicago there because of the weather. Water freezes and expands the pipe. Water damage can be expensive. We can help to get the restorations covered by the Insurance.


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    Quality Home Restorations has always been committed to its clients in providing professional service, and we have established a favorable reputation with our clients.

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    Quality Home Restorations we strive to give you the best possible attention by offering you the highest quality products in the market.


    At Quality Home Restorations Inc., our word has value for us, and we respect each proposal that we strive to go further than promised. Because we care for all of our customers, your satisfaction is our priority.

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