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When The Unexpected Happens, Quality Home Restorations Inc. Roof replacement Specialist Are Here To Help.  Because We Know How Important your house is to  You, And The Well-Being Of Your Family for that reason Will Treat Your Home As If It Were Our Own.

Roof Repair

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At Quality Home Restorations. We’re Specialists in roof repairs regardless of the type of roof you have. A leaking roof can cause lots of headaches, but our technicians will fix many common problems. * Missing or broken shingles or tiles * Wind Damage  * Roof leak  * Storm Damage * Chimney Flashing. Bein a family-based company since 2011. As a result, we have helped more than 2000 customers replace and repair their roofs and conduct ourselves with Integrity and Honesty. After all, that’s why we’re one of the best roofing companies in Chicago. 

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Quality Home Restorations Inc. Local business with the best team of experts We’re specialists in roof services by repairing or full replacement. It’s time to replace the old roof because the lifespan has already expired. Tiles started to lose granules, and deterioration is more visible now than 20 years ago licensed roofing company with all the requirements to perform. If you’ve been through a storm, your roof it’s damaged, but the damage may not be visible to the naked eye. That’s why you need a roofing contractor to complete and thoroughly review all the losses. You may be eligible for a full replacement from the homeowner’s insurance. I know dealing with insurance can be a hassle. (QHR) will do everything on our part in all the necessary negotiations when you hire us. It’s not an easy task, but we will negotiate because we work for you.

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Family Owned And Operated, Reliable Company Since 2011, Helping People To Restore Their Properties In The Event Of Disaster. We Guarantee Our Work!

Services We Provide

roof replacement

Roof Replacement

If your roof has more than two decades, it's time to think about a replacement at Quality Home Restorations. We count on the most trained installers experts in roof replacement. At first, we begin with a free inspection.

siding installation

Siding Replacement

Increase your home's value whit new vinyl Siding; it's one of the most eases and inexpensive ways to go, but with a significant advantage above all materials, for example, saving money on your electric bills.

seamless gutters

Seamless Gutters

First of all, no seams mean no leaks. That helps ensure that water is away from your home, reducing excessive water infiltration around your foundation or into your basement.

Insurance Claims

We Understand The Problem That Is Dealing With The Insurances, That's Why We Will Take That Extra Burden Off You. Let Our Specialist Work For You.

Do Not Wait! Our Professional Inspectors Will Advise You.

Our specialist documents every detail and presents documentation to the homeowner’s insurance; this differentiates us from the others; our work is for your benefit, working your claim as if it were our own. We guarantee all labor performed by us, and there is no small or extensive work that we can’t do. We work with all types of insurance. We can assure you they do not intimidate us; our team of specialists knows how to deal with them and have a Public Adjuster when the insurance companies do not want to be fair to us. By saying this, hopefully, We will see you soon.

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