Your Roof Is Damaged By Wind?

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Strong winds can whip the area where you live leaving behind a great deal of damage. Your roof may be new for storms no matter how new or old the roof is, wind gusts over 100 miles per hour can damage newer roofs. Don’t wait until you have major problems, call us for a free inspection. You may say I have no damage because you don’t see the tiles blown but many of the times the tiles are still in the same place but the wind has caused damage not visible to the naked eye. Get a complete in-depth inspection of your roof. Waiting can cause additional cost-intensive damage.Eventually fixing the interior of a home can be very expensive when a roof repair can only take a few hundred dollars.

  1. Have a professional roofer inspect the roof for wind damage
  2. File a claim with your insurance company
  3. Advise your roofer of the adjuster appointment
  4. Understand that you are in control of the situation
  5. You will receive a Loss Summary, and typically, a partial payment of the claim
  6. Send an unaltered copy of the Loss Summary to your roofer
  7. Understand that you will have to pay your deductible
  8. Install your roof


No Matter How Old Or New Your Roof Is, Strong Winds Can Cause serious Damage! If Left Without Repairs You Run The Risk Of Having The Roof Become More Damaged Over Time. Let me said that You Can Trust  Quality Home Restorations Inc. License Roofing Contractor. Expert at wind damage you can count that we Will Make Your Roof As Good As New!

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