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Common House Siding Issues: 5 Reasons and Effective Solutions

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Common House Siding Issues: 5 Reasons and Effective Solutions

On a chilly and wet day, you wouldn’t dare go outside with a worn-out raincoat adorned with holes and tears, would you? The purpose of high-quality siding is similar to that of a raincoat in that it shields your house and its contents from the weather.
Your home’s siding is always working, so it’s likely that you, too, may encounter some of these typical issues. Hence, most issues might need help from house siding replacement experts. Peruse on to learn more about these typical problems and steps to take in their aftermath.

Cracks and Damage

This kind of damage may happen to any kind of siding, whether a little fracture from a single strike or a whole panel torn off in a storm. Your home’s siding is vulnerable to various hazards, including hail, fallen trees, rocks, and sports balls. Your home’s siding, gutters, roof, and windows are susceptible to hail damage.

Using a repair kit for tiny holes and cracks may be sufficient. To close the hole, use the patch kit as directed. Patches need to be paint-matched to the siding color for a smooth repair job that hardly registers to the untrained eye.

Infestation by Pests

Wood siding is a common target for pests. These creatures are everywhere, from woodpeckers on the prowl for food to carpenter bees and bugs needing shelter. The effectiveness of siding as a barrier against termites & powder post beetles is limited.

Prevent siding damage from pests using insecticides or hot water spraying with a nozzle set at 160-180 degrees. Applying eco-friendly pesticides to nearby trees is another option for eradicating pests without causing any damage to the trees themselves. Chemical remedies might be used to eliminate the pest problem.

Also, you might sometimes need to call in-house siding replacement experts to deal with the pests.

Poor Maintenance Routines

Even though most siding is advertised as easy to care for, it shouldn’t be disregarded; it requires inspection, particularly after severe weather. Your predicament will escalate into an “emergency” when the issues mount over time.

It is advised to do an examination once a year and during very severe weather, particularly when it involves strong gusts. Notify your siding contractor immediately if you see anything.

Discoloration or Fading

The color of your siding may fade, become discolored, or seem worn out due to age-related damage. The primary source of this is UV radiation from the sun, but other factors like acid rain and oxidation from oxygen exposure may also make siding color fade.

It is recommended to clean the siding on a regular basis using soap, a soft bristle brush, along with a garden hose. Also, it is important to maintain the wood boards by painting them regularly, typically every 5-7 years. Furthermore, you should choose a long-lasting, colorful solution that won’t fade over time

The Effects of Dampness

We employ siding to shield your home’s outside walls from moisture. Take swift action if you see any indications of water damage, such as soft, decaying boards on wood siding.

Once water damage to your siding has spread throughout your house and produced several leaks, it’s usually too late to do minor repairs. Changing the siding around your home could be a big undertaking requiring a lot of labor.

Just cut off the affected portion and replace it with a new board to fix moisture damage. To keep siding from becoming wet, it’s important to examine it once a year, maintain it regularly, and ensure water drains away from your roof.


You should know you are not alone when dealing with these typical siding issues. Every homeowner eventually needs to deal with the necessary task of siding care.

It could take a lot of work to maintain siding properly. Quality Home Restorations Inc. aims to provide our customers with the finest siding repair and replacement services. Contact us immediately if you want to find out how we can assist you in keeping your house presentable and structurally sound.

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