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Damage by Snow, Storm, Wind, and Hails can happen to a roof at any time of the year. In fact, each season comes with a list of damages that can occur that are tied to that individual season. Given that winter is upon us, the team at Quality Home Restorations INC here in Highland Park, Gurnee, Lindenhurst, Zion, and Skokie wanted to go over a few of the most common ways that roofs are damaged during the winter. If you find yourself struggling with any one of these damages, contact our team and we’d be happy to get you taken care of ASAP.

Ice dams excessive accumulation.

Whether it’s rain or snow that’s coming down on the cold days of winter, one of the many things that you need to be concerned about are ice dams. While your roof is fully intended to protect you from these elements, the cold temperatures can leave the build-up of water to freeze in the gutters. When the weather starts to warm up again or the dams are formed around parts of the roof that extract heat, they start to melt.

Though it may not seem like a big deal, this melted snow/ice can compact on the roof and lead to a build-up of water. At this point, you then have to worry about the water affecting the roof and attic ventilation, causing water damage, or weighing enough for your roof to start sinking.

Inspection for condensation.

Something that we see quite a bit of during the cooler months is condensation. This happens when warm air comes in contact with cold surfaces. This happens because of improper insulation or inadequate ventilation. In regards to your roof, this can lead to some serious moisture build-up, usually in the attic. If left unchecked, the attic could wind up with mildew or mold that affects the structure of your home.

Damage caused by falling trees limbs

On the years that there’s more snow than we’re accustomed to here in Highland Park, Gurnee, Lindenhurst, Zion, and Skokie; we get quite a few calls about trees falling on top of roofs. Let’s face it, we aren’t exactly the snow capital of the US here in Illinois. Given that is the case, the trees in our climate aren’t exactly designed to withstand the weight of snow, which then leads to branches breaking or trees falling.

The damage of a broken branch or fallen tree will vary. The best advice we can give in these instances is to avoid examining the roof on your own. Between the conditions of the weather, the chance of power lines being hit, the tree itself, and any damage to the roof, it’s simply better to leave the examination of damage done to a professional.

Leaking Flashings

Flashings are a metal part of your roof that is typically found over the joints and vents of your home’s chimney. They are designed to help minimize the chances of water damage, but in order to do so, they must work as intended. As the ice and snow build up on your roof, the moisture can start to leak into the flashings, thus causing water damage rather than preventing it. This can be a bit difficult to notice without severe damage happening, so it’s always wise to have a professional come and inspect your leakings to ensure they’re in place and adequately attached to your roof.

Damaged Shingles with emergency repairs

A type of damage that we see quite a bit of during the winter, even though it’s not directly related to the weather, are damaged shingles. When people go to put up Christmas lights on their roofs, they use methods that leave the shingles damaged long after the lights are up.

If you are someone that likes to go all out with holiday decorations, make sure that you’re putting them on the roof in a way that they aren’t going to damage the shingles. For instance, stay away from staples, even if they’ll keep the lights in place throughout the winter. Opt for decorations that are approved and safe for the roof, because you can guarantee they won’t leave your roof damaged once the season is over.

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