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The design, material, and construction of your gutters are a crucial part of any structure’s drainage and water management system. A well-designed gutter system will carry water away from the house or building. Gutter drainage is usually directed to enter the sewers, water the grass, or carried to the far edges of the property. Without gutters, water would run off of your roof and puddle around the foundation, causing leaks, soil heaving, foundation cracking, and other serious problems.

Gutters will typically last around 20 years, and even longer if they’re made of copper. It is important to be selective in your choice of gutters for your home or property. High-quality gutters will carry more water, are less prone to clogs and leaks, and will protect your home or business from problems like leaks, mold, and structural damage.

You could choose between different shapes or types such as the Half-Round which is circular on the bottom, similar to a pipe cut in half. The K-Style that have a flat bottom, decorative front, and flat back. And commercial box gutters that are large, spacious, and functional, but not as aesthetically pleasing as half-round.

Professional roofing companies, like Quality Home Restorations INC, can be trusted to perform all necessary gutter repairs and maintenance. Quality Home Restorations INC believes in crafting long-term roofing solutions and the importance of preventative services to maintain a functional gutter system. 

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